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2017-07-27 07:22:06 by Krassen

i might as well xD 

"Bedroom Producer" Remix Comp!!!

2017-06-01 10:36:21 by Krassen

ok! so, my latest song "Bedroom producer", i've had a couple of people ask for the stems. so i just decided Eh! let's throw a remix comp. xD

so here, If you wanna take part in this comp, send me a message via skype (Daniel.Hankin22) or discord (KrassenMakesSomeMusic#7525) and i shall send you the stems (cuz i have no idea how to upload stuff to mega and stuff lol) 

the song will be due july 15th, giving everyone exactly 1 and a half months to make a track! Have fun and try your best. the winner can get... idk... u can like collab with me or summin lol xD 


2016-08-01 07:45:17 by Krassen


prior to this account i had another one and it went rather far almost hitting 100 fans. but i started to drift away from NG and went to more professional music producing. but i realised i missed NG so here i am. with a new account and all!                                                                                                                                           

Hope you all enjoy my new stuff ahaha!!